English & Spanish

I have been teaching languages for over 20 years in the United States, France and Spain using a method that focuses on fluency through interactive audiovisual techniques. Having sharpened communication skills for people of all ages and sectors, from members of the Supreme Court and Police Force to children and performers of the Entertainment Industry, I am now focusing on helping people acquire skills through online platforms and producing material for Home School learners.


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I believe the best way to grow is naturally. Our brain is designed to learn languages through images and sounds which is why I use audiovisual techniques to re-create full immersion experiences. Focusing on personal projects, entertainment and sports carried out in the language one is trying to acquire, speeds up progress. Communication is essential; people are social by nature and their personal projects grow through connecting with others. Knowing how to communicate well in other languages boosts the odds of meeting one´s own personal goals.

Language Consultations 30€ an hour 

Bilingual Voice Overs 120€ Per Mastered Finished Hour 

Audiovisual Productions 60€ an hour